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YT Thumbnail Downloader that Supports All Youtube Videos Thumbnails Including 4K, 1080p, HD, HQ, etc.

YT thumbnail downloader is an online tool that helps users download the YouTube Video thumbnail in different sizes. This tool is free for everyone, so you don't need to download any app for this task. Paste your YouTube Video Link in the Input Box, then press the Download YouTube Thumbnail button.

Now let me tell you that downloading these thumbnail is completely safe and legal. But also, keep in mind that these video thumbnails are copyright products, so you will have to take permission from the author to reuse them.

What Are YouTube Thumbnails?

I'll tell you what the YT thumbnail is. It's an image covered by a video that previews the video to the users. Markedly, there are two types of Youtube thumbnails.

  • The first is called automatically generated by YouTube.
  • The second is called uploaded by the creator, which is also perceived as a custom thumbnail.
  • Moreover, the links of these thumbnails are even hidden, and you will not be able to save them.

    Qualitative Types of YouTube Thumbnails

    9 types of thumbnails can be used in YouTube videos, but seven are granted to exist in a video. These 7 types are mentioned below:

  • Players’ background 480 x 90
  • Start 120 x 90
  • Middle 120 x 90
  • End 120 x 90
  • High quality 480 x 360
  • Medium quality 320 x 180
  • Normal quality 120 x 90
  • If the quality of the video is high, then the last two sizes of thumbnails are added, which are listed below:

  • Standard definition 640 x 480
  • High resolution 1920 x 1080
  • Providers mainly provide high-quality, medium quality, and full-size thumbnails as they are used the most.

    How to Download Thumbnails From YouTube?

    To get the thumbnails, various steps are involved in the process. That process is mentioned in the steps below:

  • Your first step is to get the link or URL of the video from YouTube.
  • Second, you have to paste that link or URL to the input box of the downloader tool.
  • Third, you have to bond on the button “download YouTube thumbnail.”
  • Forth, you have to select between the qualities of the thumbnails discussed above. A chart will emerge before you.
  • Now, you will notice your YouTube video downloaded to your phone’s storage.
  • YouTube Thumbnail Image Download

    As everyone knows that thumbnails are not allowed to download and zoom, you can only watch the engaging content uploaded by the creator. Through a YT Thumbnail Downloader, one can watch the thumbnails in full size and even save them on their devices. People have to copy the link or URL of the video. So now it’s easy to get your favorite thumbnail from YouTube. Like the thumbnail, come to this tool to grab your favorite thumbnail in just a few seconds.

    Why Is There a Need for a Thumbnail Downloader?

    You must know that it’s the thumbnail of the video that’s most important as it contains the metadata of that video. Every creator tries to make these thumbnails creative, funny, and catchy. As a result, they gain more clicks on that video and even download and save them. The specific reasons for thumbnail downloaders are mentioned below:

  • Save the YouTube thumbnail as a wallpaper
  • Save as an inspiration for your future video cover
  • Can share it on your website and blogs.
  • Most importantly, you can get those thumbnails from these tools only because image links cannot be seen in the video. So you can save the video cover.


    Is Downloading the YouTube Thumbnails of Videos Legal?

    Yes, it is legal, but only till you don’t reuse it on YouTube. Otherwise, it’s legal to use on other websites or social sites. Just make some changes to it.

    How Many Thumbnail Downloaders Are Available in the Market?

    There are many downloaders available in the social market. Grab anyone and use it.

    Is the Thumbnail Downloader Costly?

    No, not at all. These are free online tools. You can buy and use them without investing your money.

    What Type of Quality Do Thumbnails in YouTube Videos Have?

    Thumbnail videos on YouTube have 9 qualities, including player background, middle, start, end, high quality, medium quality, average quality, largest quality, and standard quality.


    To sum up, I will say YouTube video, and image thumbnail free HD downloader is an online tool specially made for you guys. One doesn’t have to download applications and can use them online on the website. This act is legal till you don’t use thumbnail l on YouTube. Otherwise, it’s ok. Downloading the HD thumbnails from the downloader is very beneficial as you can use them as your wallpaper, on your social website, on blogs, or for any other reasons.

    Furthermore, there are various qualities of these thumbnail videos. In numbers, they are 9 and save a reused constantly while two them are used sometimes. Its categories 2 named are generated by YouTube and uploaded by the creator automatically. These thumbnails can be downloaded easily and quickly in just a few steps. This downloader is necessary as the video cover can’t be downloaded from YouTube.